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Club Kit & Ordering

ORHC Playing tracksuit
ORHC Playing shirt
ORHC Playing shorts

Old Reigatians Hockey Club can supply a full set of club branded hockey kit. To see this comprehensive list, click on the link or the button to the right.

Ordering Kit

Instructions to order are simple (items shown in bold are in the Kit Information / Downloads):

  1. Fill in the Order Form.
    - Do not forget to include your squad number. If you want one different from the number shown on the Squad Number List, or you don’t yet have a number, please email me (Josh) at to confirm.
    Also, indicate if you want your number and/or initials on any training gear, such as hoodies, jackets or tracksuit bottoms.
  2. When complete, check it and email to me (, I will check your order and combine it with any others waiting to be fulfilled.
  3. A few days before your Order Date, I will ask you to pay for the order by bank transfer.
    [If your payment isn’t received by the next day, you order may be delayed until the next Order Date]
  4. At the Order Date, I will email the combined orders to Akuma, who will check them and then start the manufacturing process.
  5. If you need to contact me urgently, my mobile number is under Club Information / Club Contacts.

Order Dates and Delivery Dates

  • Orders placed by 30th April should be delivered by the end of May.
  • Orders placed by 18th July should delivered middle of August.
  • Orders placed by 3rd November should be delivered by Christmas.

Kit Information / Downloads

  • Full Kit Catalogue
  • Kit Sizing Guide
  • Squad Number List
  • Order Form